The Manual

Startup and Network Discovery

The first time SongBook starts up it needs to search your network for devices to work with. It needs to find your media servers and your playback devices. To do this SongBook sends out messages to the network, and the devices respond. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to up to 30 seconds to find everything, SongBook keeps searching until you press the 'Done' button.

After you start the search SongBook will list the devices that it has found. You should check this list to make sure everything you expect to be there is found.

If there is a device that is found that you don't want, such as a media server that is not in use, you can disable it in SongBook by tapping on it. This will turn the green light off. To re-enable you can tap it again.

If your network changes in any way you will need to run the search again. You can access the search by changing to the 'Zones' page and pressing the 'Search' button.

When SongBook starts up it will try and re-establish connections to all the devices that it knows about. If it does not find any devices it will ask if you want to search again.

If SongBook is slow to start up this may be because it is looking for devices that no longer exist on your network. To fix this up go to the 'Zones' page and press the 'Search' button. Now select the 'Clear and Search' button, this will clear all your existing devices out and start a new search.

The Naim HDX and UnitiServe products are a bit more complex than other devices as they contain two network interfaces. They have their own software for media management and playback, but also include a UPNP MediaServer. This means that during discovery your device should appear twice, once as a UPNP MediaServer and once as an HDX. If you press the 'Done' button before both interfaces are found then you will only see part of the device and you may not be able to play music.
If you're having trouble finding your UPNP devices try this trick. Start SongBook searching and then turn your device off and then on again. Wait for it to start up and it should appear in the list of devices.

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