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About Linn Home Networking

The Choices

Linn have a whole range of devices, all have very good sound quality, but the quality does increase as you go up the range. On the digital side they are all exactly the same and share the same software and capabilities. So the difference between models is based around sound quality and features such as amplification and input sources.

Sneaky Music DS

This is a very versatile music player. The Sneaky Music DS not only includes a Digital Source device, but also includes volume control and amplification. This means all you need to add is speakers. You can also use a Sneaky Music DS with an existing preamp if you prefer.

Majik DSi

This is a completely integrated system including network audio, a preamp and an amplifier.

Majik DS

The Majik DS is a standalone network audio player in the Majik range.

Akurate DS

The Akurate DS is a standalone network audio player in the Akurate range. This is the mid-level product from Linn, but feature wise it is very similar to the Klimax DS.

Klimax DS

This is the highest performance DS, and also the most expensive. It has all the same features as the Akurate DS but comes in a milled aluminium case and has some different components that make the sound quality higher than that of the Akurate DS.

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