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Naim have a large range of network streaming devices. The naming of these devices is somewhat complicated as the devices use two families of network interfaces, but the product name does not give you a clear indication of what family the device belongs to. For example the Uniti is a UPNP device, whereas the UnitiServe is a DigiFi based device (which can also be used as a a UPNP server). The general pattern here is that playback devices are based on UPNP and server devices are based on DigiFi, but you can also use a DigiFi device as a playback device if you wish.


The Naim server products, the HDX, NS01, NS03, and UnitiServe are all based on software from Digital Fidelity. The DigiFi server provides many advanced features that are generally not available in UPNP servers. You can use a DigiFi server with any UPNP device, so even if you don't have a Naim system you may want to investigate DigiFi. Naim is the largest hardware manufacturer of DigiFi servers.


When first introduced the Uniti had quite limited UPNP functionality, but due to firmware updates it is now a very capable device. If you have old firmware you should update to the latest (early Uniti's didn't support UPNP volume control)

Within the UPNP range the Uniti products provide simple and well featured playback devices. The NDX is Naim's highest peforming UPNP device, and has a number of upgrades such as an external DAC and power supply, that can be added to improve the sound even more.

In general Naim has a good range of network streaming products, the only shortcoming is that there is no mechanism for input source selection from SongBook.

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