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Announcing SongBook Lite

August 8th, 2011 0

We’ve got another new addition to our product range, SongBook Lite. This is a full featured but simplified version of SongBook ’11. SongBook Lite works on the iPhone and iPad and gives you control of UPNP based systems (including Linn DS).

SongBook Lite has just gone live on the App Store today at a special introductory price. It’s perfect for trying out SongBook if you have not already tried SongBook ’11.

One of the reasons we had for releasing SongBook Lite is that Apple would not let us to continue to support existing SongBook DS users with updates and fixes. We didn’t think that this was acceptable, so we had to find a way to keep SongBook DS alive but to also clearly differentiate it from our current main products. Given that SongBook DS had less features than SongBook ’11, and that it also had full UPNP support, we could rename SongBook DS to SongBook Lite and achieve an end result that allows us to still support our existing users. We do hope that most users that are serious about streaming music will move up to SongBook ’11 over time, but this still means that they are not forced to upgrade.

New features such as the iPod streaming are only available on SongBook ’11 and this will continue to be the case. SongBook Lite will provide all the basic features needed to enjoy your music while still going well beyond what other products offer in terms of features. As an example of this we have full TuneIn radio support in SongBook Lite. This not only lets you browse the entire radio directory, but you can add and remove favourites right from within SongBook. These favourites are synced to your TuneIn account so that they are available wherever you listen to TuneIn Radio.


SongBook Lite

SongBook ’11 UPNP

SongBook ’11 UPNP HD

SongBook for Arcam Released

August 8th, 2011 0

We’ve been hard at work supporting Arcam’s streaming products over the last few months, and the first result of this is SongBook for Arcam. This is a version of SongBook specially configured and tested to work with Arcam devices.

We’ve mainly been working with their Solo Neo product, which is a great all in one system. It’s got a huge array of features onboard and all this comes at a great price, so it’s worth checking out as a starting point for music streaming, or an addition to an existing network. I think once you’ve tried streaming though, you won’t want to go back to CD, so while the CD drive on the Solo Neo is a good fallback option, it is not entirely necessary if you have embraced streaming 100%.

We’ve also tested with Arcam’s highly rated home cinema receivers. These are truly impressive (and heavy) devices, and while you wouldn’t buy one for music streaming, it’s good to know that they can form a part of your streaming network. They’re possibly one of the only receivers that you can buy where sound quality comes first, so are well worth checking out.

Here are the links to Arcam product details:


Solo Neo – Arcam

AV Amplifiers – Arcam


And you can see SongBook for Arcam on the iTunes Store.