SongBook Mac

Music Control, CD Ripping, and MediaServer for Mac OS X

SongBook lets you control your Linn DS, Naim HDX, Hush Digifi or UPNP device directly from your Mac. With multi-room support you can control an entire house from one Mac. SongBooks unique navigation tools make it easy to explore your digital music collection, and the CD ripping function makes it easy to add high quality tracks directly from CD.

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Music Browsing

SongBook lets you browse your music servers either using album art or track descriptions. New in version 2.0 is an album view and enhanced keyboard navigation. Adding tracks to your playlist is easy too, either use the Add button, the Shuffle button or directly drag tracks or albums to the position in the playlist that you want them in. Playlists can be saved for future use too.

Shuffle the way you want it

Some digital streamers support playlist shuffling directly, and SongBook supports this, but goes the extra step and allows you to create your own unique shuffle playlist. Select a genre then command-click on the the albums you want to add to the shuffle list. Now press the shuffle button to add all the tracks from your album selection directly to the playlist in a randomised order. It's as simple as that.

Remote Control

Control volume, skip tracks and play/pause from your Apple Remote control. You can also use your Mac keyboard to control your Linn DS.

Floating Window

A convenient pop-up window allows you to monitor and control your Linn DS without switching to the SongBook application.

Album Art

In SongBook album art is everywhere. The Playlist View shows art images, the now playing view shows a large image of the current track, and of course the library can be browsed by album art or even with CoverFlow.

iTunes Sharing

Access your local iTunes music for browsing and playback on your network. SongBook also acts as a UPNP MediaServer, giving you access to your iTunes music from other ControlPoint applications such as SongBook touch.


Scroll through your album art using the CoverFlow view.

CD Extraction

SongBook will extract your CD music and encode it in a range of lossless audio formats. Metadata editing and album art selection is also included. The SongBook extraction process uses AccurateRIP when available to ensure that your extraction is bit perfect. If AccurateRIP is not available for your particular disc then SongBook will extract the data twice and compare the results to ensure that the data is reliably extracted.

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